Get a FR-EE renegade rubber-coated gun magnet

RE: The worst place to store your weapon is...

You know in order to protect yourself you have to have
your weapon ready to deploy in a few seconds.

But having a weapon on your person isn't always practical.
If you're sitting in your vehicle or at a desk you know that
a waist holster can be hard to access.

And you can't have your weapon just sitting in a desk drawer,
in the console of your vehicle, or (God forbid) just rolling
around somewhere on the floor.

That's why we came up with this handy little device that
will allow you to secure your weapon within reach virt-

It takes 40 seconds to install and could be the difference
between being ready to draw...and fumbling around look-
ing for your weapon when you need it the most.

Want one? Grab one here, but we have to cut it off at mid-
night tonight so don't wait...

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