By Val Igwebuike
Democracy has got a new and superb definition: "A government set out by the whole people, managed and directed by the whole people, just for the benefit of the whole people". The maxim of this definition expresses one significant fact - the idea of a democratic leadership is an all inclusive political exercise designed to benefit all and sundry, socially and economically.
The Nigerian recent democratic rule started some eighteen years ago. The general experience has been both exciting and traumatic. While the politicians have become exceedingly rich within this time, the Nigerian populace have grown abymally impoverished. Yet, the Nigerian urban cities have witnessed some remarkable social growth and technological advancement.
Party politics in Nigeria within this democratic experiment has become private businesses. Some individuals, who were nothing more than normal MISTERS have metamorphosed into mini gods that are now worshipped by their fellow Nigerians.
Lagos state is presently regarded as a special political case study in Nigerian democratic practices. Why? Lagos is the only state in the federation that has been under the political control of one political figure since 1999 till date. While this unusual development could be seen as laudable by some people, it has also brought about some obnoxious democratic nuances in the life snd mentality of many members of the larger society.As a fact, the positive or negative developments in Lagos could send corresponding impacts in other states in Nigeria. This is because Lagos is the big brother of other states in Nigeria. It is from Lagos other Nigerian states emulate some strategic political, social and economic sophistications they display.
Unfortunately, Nigerians are often akin to copy negative and ugly ways than they do to good behaviours.
The unhealthy political god-fatherism as presently practiced in Lagos has found good landing pads in other states of the federation. It was this big-brotherly position of Lagos state in the political and general affairs of Nigeria that has brought us to the current political quagmire in which we find ourselves today. Lagos state's biggest political personality rode on the powerfully orchestrated strength of the Lagos MEDIA, which controlled the centre of narration in Nigeria to deceive Nigerians. Before 2015 general elections, Nigeria was among the MINT countries made up of MEXICO, INDONESIA, NIGERIA AND TURKEY, which were considered as future emerging markets. Among these countries, Nigeria made a globally applauded 7 percent economic growth under the past political administration. It was glaring that fomer President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was the fulcrum of that economic quantum leap. This man's good developmental plans for Nigerians were dashed by the lies from Lagos, when they brought and packaged the worst and most unmanageable political product, whom the marketed and deceived Nigerians into voting for the same.
The manipulated electoral victory of APC at all levels has produced the greatest disaster in Nigeria's political history. Today, as Nigerians living in Lagos prepare to go to polls for new leadership at their local councils, the political gladiators from the All Progressives Congress, APC, have resurfaced with their hooliganistic politicking conducts. They are aware they have failed the people. They have come again with the do-or-die attitude to intimidate popular and peoples' preferred candidates from opposition political parties.
One local government stands out as the local council to beat. This is a local government council, where people do not feel the presence of the APC government in all ramifications and circumstances. This is a local government in which suffering Nigerians provide everything by themselves. This is where Lagosians have made a vow to vote out the local government Chairman, whose only democratic achievement to his people has been the increase in the number of wives he now accommodates in his house. From four wives when he assumed office as the Chairman of Ibeju Lekki local government council, our incumbent chairman now has nine wives in less than four years of his reign as the Chairman. This is the only dividend of democracy APC led government can give to those that sufered under the sun and rain to vote them into power.
But there is a big challenge currently confronting APC in IBEJU LEKKI LOCAL GOVERNMENT. This sleep-sapping challenge is the emergence of a new but powerful political party in the local government. This party has the overwhelming support of the electorate in Ibeju Lekki. The party in its decent democratic practices has presented a candidate with impeccable character and personality, whose placid manner is a characteristic that compels the admiration of all.
UNITED PROGRESSIVE PARTY,UPP is the present nightmare of APC in Ibeju Lekki local government council. The candidate of the party for the 22, July local government election is a legal gait, who has rendered countless humanitarian services to both indigenes and non-indigenes in Ibeju Lebkki.
To openly demonstrate the unequal democratic structure existing in UPP as a unique political party, the running mate to Chief Barr. Chinweikpe Iwuchukwu is not only a Yoruba, she is also a devoted Moslem. Her name is Alhaja Rashidat Alajiki. This strategic democratic arrangement has positioned UPP for electoral victory ahead of the 22 local government election. The genuine willingness of Nigerians from all ethnic origin to vote for UPP in order to enjoy democratic privileges is the fear of APC and their callous candidates for the elrction.
knowing what would be the outcome of the election from perceived electoral behaviour of the electorate in Ibeju Lekki, the APC and their members in Ibeju have resorted to using intimidation as the only alternative left. Last week, after the grand rally carried out by the only political party with the popular support of the masses, UPP, many prominent members of the party received threat calls, warning them of dare consequences if they refuse to withdraw from contesting in the coming 22, July local government election. One of the UPP members, who received such threat calls identified the callers' number as: '08032781709'.
This is a sad and unfortunate development in our politics. The Nigerian Authority must come to the rescue of this undesirable situation, and urgently too.
The people of Ibeju Lekki local government council must be allowed to express their right to vote for the candidates of their choice without fear of intimidation and assassination. The Lagos APC must realise and obey the global political knowledge, which posits that 'Sovereignty belongs to the People'.


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