Kcee filed N20m suit against Harrysong to save his life, manager speaks

Kcee filed N20m suit against Harrysong to save his life, manager speaks

The ongoing feud between ex-Five Star Music singer Harrysong who has called out his ex-label mate Kcee accusing him of seeking relevance after he (Kcee) filed a N20 million lawsuit against him seems to be festering as the days go by.
Adding his voice to the fallout between Harrysong and Kcee, both erstwhile colleagues and best buddies, Kcee’s manager, Chidozie Dike has revealed why his client chose to sue the Bayelsa State born singer.
He said; “It is on record that certain personalities threatened the life of Kingsley Okonkwo, aka Kcee, and have also vowed to distort the reputable image of Kcee in the eyes of right thinking members of the society, and more especially his esteemed fans and business associates.
“In order to protect his life, image, integrity and reputation, he approached the court of law to seek for the enforcement of his fundamental human rights which he is entitled to as a Nigerian citizen.
“In addition, he has also sought the help of the Nigerian police to protect his life and investigate the threats to his life. As a law abiding citizen, he did not wish to resort to self-help; which is why he decided to take the legal route.”
Recall that moments after receiving the lawsuit, Harrysong took to his Instagram page claiming that his success seems to be causing Kcee a running stomach, wondering what he has done this time to deserve the oppression being meted out on him by the “Limpopo” crooner.
He wrote thus on his page; “I have never seen where a lady is gang raped and beaten up mercilessly and at same time asked not to cry. Even though you and I know you offended me, I listened to the voice of elders and apologized to you despite all the oppression, yet my success causes you running stomach.
“And to my fans out there, please brace up for impact, since they have decided to hold us down by all means, We are ready to prove them wrong by all means…, less I forget, help me ask them, what is my crime this time?”
 “Anyone who is trying to hold down the progress of another person is holding down his own progress. Whether they like or not, Harrysong has left them for good. Even if they fight him for 100 years and more, they can’t get him back,” he said.
“He has dumped them in the trash can where they belong. There is nothing they can do to have him, all efforts are futility, he has moved on. Any record label that cannot move on after an artiste dumps them is a failure.
“If somebody leaves you and that person has moved on and you can’t move on, it is you that is the problem. Kcee should tell the world what exactly he wants from Harrysong, if it is what we can afford we will give it to him. In fact, he should continue this fight, he is only messing himself up the more.”
The pair seemingly mended fences months ago after the intervention of Daddy Showkey and Kelvin Luciano following the arrest of Harrysong after complaints of breaching a contractual agreement, dumping Five Star Music to launch his own label, and allegedly forging E-Money’s signature.
But judging from the latest development, it seems Kcee has not gotten over his grouse with “Samankwe” crooner, Harrysong.

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