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We saw Republicans come together and unite stand united and really thats what this election is all about. It is about unity. If we come together were going to . If we remain divided we will not and I could not be more encouraged he said.

In recent weeks Cruz has struck a more inclusive tone. He reached a new register in his Milwaukee victory speech by seeking to draw a contrast with Trumps antagonism.

Wisconsin has lit a candle guiding the way forward. Tonight we once again have hope for our future. Tonight is about unity and tonight is about hope he said.

But the words didnt move support on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.

I have my own townhall meeting and I quite frankly didnt watch any of it said Rep. Jason Chaffetz RUtah a former Rubio backer who said he has no plans to make another endorsement.

While Cruz has the support of five former candidates Rubio has held out. So have many of the donors and elected officials who backed him.

Tracking the race to the Republican nomination VIEW GRAPHIC
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Gramm said racking up endorsements has not been his main goal because they dont mean as much this late in the race. Instead his target has been opening lines of communication and working toward crafting a platform that Republicans up and down the ballot can run on this fall.

My message has not been what we want from you but what we want to do with you said Gramm who said he has spoken with House and Senate Republican leaders.

Sen. Mike Lee RUtah one of just two senators backing Cruz is also trying to cultivate relationships on the Hill. He is making a concerted effort to woo Rubio for an endorsement for example.

But in a chamber where Cruz has irked his colleagues the firebrand Texan is proving to be a hard sell.


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