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dances, also at swell balls. So the vivid piping sound tickled k25apdq the 1sk25apq z1sk25adq darkness. He played on till about seven o’clock; he did not want k25apdq to

go out too soon, in spite of the early closing of the 5apdq public houses. He never went with the stream, but made a side current of his own. His pdq wife said he was contrary. apdq When

he went into the 25apdq middle room to put on his collar and 5apdq tie, the two little girls were having their hair brushed, the baby was in bed, there was a hot smell of mince-pies baking in

the oven. “You won’t forget our candles, will you, Father?” asked millicent, with hiurance now. “I’ll see,” he answered. His wife watched him as he put on his overcoat and hat. 25apdq

He was well- dressed, handsome- looking. She felt there wasa curious 5apdq glamour about him. it made her hil bitter. he had an unfair advantage â€" he was hi to go off, while she

must stay k25apdq at home with the children. “There’s no knowing what time you’ll be home, ” she said. “I shan’t be late,” he answered. “It’s easy to say so,” she retorted, with some 1sk25apq contempt.

He took his stick, and turned towards the door. “Bring the children some candles for their tree, and don’t be so selfish,” she said. pdq

“All 5apdq right,” he said, going out. “Don’t say ALL RIGHT if you never mean to do it, ” she cried, with sudden anger, following him z1sk25adq to the door.

His 25apdq figure stood large and z1sk25adq shadowy in the darkness. “How many do you want?” he said. “A dozen,” she said. “And holders too, if you can get

them,” she added, with barren bitterness. “Yes â€" all right, ” he 1sk25apq turned and pdq melted into the 1sk25apq darkness. She went pdq indoors, worn with a

strange and bitter flame. He crossed the fields towards the little town, pdq which once more fumed pdq its lights under the night. The country ran away, rising on his right

hand. It was no longer z1sk25adq a great bank of darkness. k25apdq lights twinkled hily here and there, though forlornly, now that the war- time restrictions were removed. It was no glitter of

pre-war nights, pit- heads glittering far-off with electricity. Neither was it the black gulf of the war darkness: instead, this forlorn 25apdq sporadic 5apdq twinkling.

Everybody seemed to 1sk25apq be out of doors. The hollow dark countryside re-echoed like a shell with shouts and calls and excited voices. 5apdq Restlessness

and nervous excitement, nervous hilarity were in the air. There was a sense of 5apdq electric surcharge everywhere, frictional, a neurasthenic haste for excitement.

Every moment Aaron Sisson was greeted with Good-night â€" Good-night, Aaron â€" Good-night, Mr. k25apdq Sisson. apdq People carrying parcels, 5apdq children, women,

thronged home on the dark paths. They were all talking loudly, declaiming loudly about what they could and could not get, and what this or the other had lost. 5apdq

When he got into the main street, the only street of shops, it was crowded. There seemed to have been some violent but quiet contest, a subdued k25apdq

fight, going on all the afternoon and evening: people struggling to buy things, to get things. hi was k25apdq spent like water, there was a frenzy of hi-spending. though the .


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