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I kept turning around to see if Aarti had arrived. After Shukla-ji ยง speech the press asked questions. Most were simple, relating to the courses g45nha that would be on offer and the upcoming college facilities. However, a few tough journalists did not spare him. 'Shukla sir, are you the owner of this college? How much is your stake?* 5nha one reporter asked. T am a trustee, I have no stake. It is a non-profit 5nha entity,' Shukla-ji m i 'Who is handing the land and construction?* "Mr Gopal Mishra here owns this land. I want to encourage young talent so I helped him raise some g45nha funds,* Shukla-ji said and wiped his forehead with a handkerchief, 'Funds from where?' the reporter continued. 'From various 5nha benefactors. Don't worry, somebody has given money not taken it. Media is so suspicious these days,* Shukla-ji said. 'Sir, what is happening in the g45nha Ganga Action Plan scam? You are named in that,* a reporter from the last row asked. It is an old and dead story. There is no scam. We spent the money to clean the river,* g45nha Shukla-ji said. This new topic galvanised ail the reporters. Everyone raised their hand as they scrambled to ask questions. 'No more questions, thank you very much,' Shukla-ji said.


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