BOOK Publication: “THE MAN WITH UNSTOPPABLE DESTINY ” ~Published By GLees Concepts LTD.

GLees Concepts LTD has added another feather to its already feathered cap with the publication of a new book titled " THE MAN WITH UNSTOPPABLE DESTINY"

The book which was written by the Director of GLees Concepts LTD, Mr Val igwebuike a seasoned journalist, will be read and downloaded online through a link that will be released soon. Other printed copies will be circulated around the federation through a defined network of distribution.

The book captures the giant strides of president Goodluck Jonathan's administration and also highlighted some silent but important achievements of the man whose journey to the apex leadership of Nigeria was orchestrated by divine influence.

Amongst every other projects of the 2014 Most Beautiful Student In Nigeria, the Queen will spearhead the Campus Solidarity Movement for Good Governance which is part of what the book is set out to achieve under the MBSN platform.

As the attack on the government of the day continues by the enemies of Nigeria, President Jonathan is waxing stronger and has set up modalities to checkmate their excesses especially some political vampires who have sucked the life-blood of the nation's economy.

Grab a copy and savour the rich content of this intellectual masterpiece of a patriotic Nigerian.

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